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Requirements for a great case study

Not every web design project will be a success. We will discuss in this blog the requirements of a succesful web design project. You can make the most unique website ever, but still won’t generate any extra revenue for your business.

Brand awareness

Do people know your business? How is your social media looking like? These are the things outside of the actual website that have impact on the generated results of the website.

Are people searching for YOUR business name?

It’s really important to have people searching specifically for your business name on Google. These individuals are more likely to stay longer on your website. The longer a person stays on your website, the more relevant your website seems to Google. Therefore, Google will trust your website more, increasing your chances of ranking higher for other keywords.

Social media

Do you have an active social media presence with a large following? Prospects often check your social media profiles. If your social media fails to convey a certain message effectively, you may struggle to get form submissions or sales.


Backlinks are links placed on other websites that direct users to your website, typically in news articles or blog posts. This signals to Google that the linking website trusts your site, which is a positive signal for your site’s credibility. Established businesses often have more natural backlinks than newer ones, which is a significant factor in website success. The more backlinks your site has, the greater its chances of ranking higher on Google, making for a more compelling case study.


It’s easier to maintain the success of a winner than to elevate a loser to the status of a winner. If your website has a bad reputation, its impact will be diminished. Conversely, a good reputation will bolster your website’s sales.

Google searches

If nobody is searching for your products or services, your website will automatically receive fewer visitors from Google. It’s important to consider the search volume and competition for specific keywords. The ideal scenario is to target keywords with high search volume and low competition.

Keyword Volume

You can use an SEO tool like Semrush to determine the search volume of a keyword. For local businesses, targeting keywords with more than 100 monthly searches and average competition is usually a good strategy. It’s essential to focus on keywords that people are actually searching for on Google. The higher the search volume for your keywords, the stronger your case study will be.

Keyword Difficulty

You may find a promising keyword to rank for, but encounter high competition from larger businesses already ranking for it. That’s why researching the Keyword Difficulty is crucial. Keywords with lower competition offer better chances to rank highly, resulting in a stronger case study.


That’s why it’s crucial to take this into account. If your keywords aren’t frequently searched or face high competition, your new website may struggle to increase visitor traffic. Contact us for a free SEO audit, where we assess the potential of your keywords.



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